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About NotAnts

A company with one foot in the future


We design and develop IoT/M2M products and solutions that are customised to suit the needs of our clients. Hybrid hardware/software solutions enable our clients to make improvements of all different kinds in their production and business processes.


Our products and solutions include mobile applications in Android and iOS environments. This allows us to undertake the development of complex applications for our clients with guaranteed success.

Big Data

It only makes sense to develop applications that gather large quantities of data if we know how to work with it. We collaborate with leading specialists to guarantee intelligent decision-making with all the information your applications collect.


Trazability, security,... trust can be open through blockchain, and your customers are demanding it now.


Learn all about our line of Precision Agriculture solutions.

Designed for the user

The information is presented in the language of the farmer.


Your crops let you know their needs.


Receive alerts regarding problems in nearby crops.


Direct communication with your IPM consultant.


Optimise the timing of your harvests.


Get all the spatial data you need.

Multiple sensors

Humidity, temperature, sap flow and environmental sensors, among others.

Intuitive statistics

Calculate the volume of your harvest in advance.


Micro-local stations or data from nearby stations.

Autonomous equipment

Solar/battery power and wireless communications: LoRa, 3G and 4G.

The team

Our work is our main asset

‘We are working everyday to help the people that feeds us and to let the planet in a better condition to our sons. Definitely, not a bad mission to have.’

- Manuel Villar Guijarro, CEO

‘I'm the leader of our HW development effort.’

- Alberto Hoyas Castro, Engineer

‘I'm the leader of our SW development effort.’

- Enrique Pastor Cisneros, Engineer

‘I'm the GIS expert of this team.’

- Judit Rubio Delgado, PhD


Because a picture is worth a thousand words

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JardiBots - Testing grounds

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NotAnts is a company with values


Our goal is to transform the production system, increasing its effectiveness and competitiveness, by bringing the most suitable technologies to our clients in the most effective manner possible.


To be leaders in the markets in which we participate and to distinguish ourselves by providing excellent quality service to our clients and increased opportunities for professional and personal development to our employees, in addition to making a positive contribution to society, demonstrating our commitment to global citizenship.


  • We are focussed on the client
  • We are committed to results
  • We believe in teamwork
  • We are involved in our community
  • We always act with integrity

Research, development and innovation

NotAnts has received funds by the Government of Extremadura for the project: Implementation of necessary components for the development of a decision aid and crop automation system, supported by statistical techniques of massive data analysis, fixed sensors and external data sources, Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF "A way to build Europe"

JardiBots is a NotAnts project, sponsored by the Government of Extremadura’s Agrotech Startup programme and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) ‘A Way to Build Europe’.

Contact Us

For more information, contact us!

Avda. de Alemania 3, 1º-11. 10005. Cáceres. Spain

+34 927 709 530